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Hailing from the south-east neighborhood of Rome, Italy,

Plutonium Baby formed in 2010 by Black Guitarra, former member of all-female garage-punk band Motorama and Fil Sharp and Feith Da Grave, from the punk-wave Cactus.

In 2018 Alessio Trebbia (Alieni/Mad Rollers) joined the band

and in 2023 Lor3nk becomes Plutonium fifth Baby.

A guitar, a synth, drums and a bunch of reverb and distortion

on vocals: Jay Reatard shouting at Suicide and the Rezillos chewing the B-52’s. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to have some peace, you’re on the wrong track!

Plutonium Baby first 7” is a split with Margaret Doll Rod (of the Demolition Doll Rods fame). It was released by Spanish label

Ghost Highway in 2011.

The second release is a limited edition tape, which includes 4 studio outtakes, published by Italian trashy indie-label Welcome

in the Shit Records in 2012.

“Welcome to the Weird World” (2013) is the title of their debut album released by Vida Loca Records. 13 tracks recorded by Alex Vargiu (Bloody Riot/Bingo/the Dissuaders) and Mirko Ravaglia.

“Weird World Outtakes and Other Cadavres Exquis” (2014) is a collection of 8 tracks (outtakes, alternate versions, unreleased songs) on a Welcome in the Shit 69 limited edition cassette.

"BLAST! - Sci-Fi Music for Contemporary Freaks" (2018)

is their second album, released by Area Pirata Records.

Kinda Garage-Psych-Punk with a touch of Power Pop!

 In 2020 Plutonium Baby and Freddie Williams (aka Federico Guglielmi) published “You Said I’d Never Make It”, a 7” tribute to four Californian punk bands from the 70’s.

In the meantime some singles come out, including "Run Run Run" on "Rock These Ancient Ruins" compilation (2020 Area Pirata / Surfin' KI Records) and "Dougie Dougie" on Tribal Cabaret n. 07 "Lies and Bites" tape compilation.

Plutonium Baby played all over Europe and shared the stage with Margaret Doll Rod, Pandoras, The Bellrays, The Jackets, Paul Collins, The Stems, A Giant Dog, Dome La Muerte, Las Aspiradoras, The Courettes, The Black Mambas, Sonic Angels, Atomic Suplex, The Hussy, Bazooka...


black guitarra: vox/guitar/synth

fil sharp: vox/synth/guitar

feith da grave: drums/bass

tre b bia: bass/guitar

lor3nk: drums

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